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23 of the Best Modern Wall Sconces on the Market

When it comes to lighting, there are a lot of options to choose from. Floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lights—the list goes on. But what about wall sconces?

Sconces used to be just for providing light in a room, but nowadays they can make a real statement. They come in all shapes and sizes, and with a variety of materials and finishes. So how do you know which ones are right for your space?

We've curated a list of 23 of the best modern wall sconces out there. Whether you're looking for something minimalist or something more decorative, we've got you covered. Read on for inspiration!

What Is a Modern Wall Sconce?

Have you ever heard of a modern wall sconce and wondered what it is? Wall sconces are decorative lights that are mounted to a wall and are used to provide focused lighting. They create a unique, stylish look that can instantly transform any room.

Modern wall sconces come in a range of styles, from sleek and minimalist designs to bold and eye-catching pieces. With their simple installation, they make the perfect addition to a hallway or living room, providing both ambient light and an aesthetically pleasing touch. When used in conjunction with other lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers or pendants, they can help complete the look of your space by adding dimension and texture.

Choosing the Best Modern Sconce for Your Space

Choosing the right modern wall sconce for your space can be a daunting task, but there are a few tips that can help you make the best decision. The first thing you should consider is the size of your space and how much light you want to bring in. A large, bright sconce could be overwhelming in a small room, so it's better to choose a smaller one.

You should also think about the style of your room - modern wall sconces come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors! Look for pieces that perfectly compliment your decor and furniture. Lastly, keep in mind what type of lighting you need - some sconces may cast more of an ambient glow than others. With so many options available out there, we're sure you'll find one that will make your room stand out!

The Many Different Styles of Modern Wall Sconces

Have you ever been shopping for modern wall sconces and noticed how many different styles there are? From traditional to contemporary, there's a sconce style to fit any décor. From single sconces that can be used to add accent lighting or illuminate small spaces to multi-light arrangements that add drama and flair, you can find a modern wall sconce that suits your style.

There are even sconces with adjustable arms and lampshades so you can direct light where you need it. And if you want to make a statement, try cascading lights with crystal elements or metal sculptures for a unique look. Whether it's for your living room, bedroom, office or hallway, there's no shortage of stylish modern wall sconces available.

How to Install a Modern Wall Sconce Safely

Now that you've chosen the perfect modern wall sconce, it's time to install it in your home. Installing a wall sconce is relatively straightforward—all you need are a few basic tools and your own two hands!

First, make sure the surface of the wall you're mounting the sconce on is smooth, clean and dry. This will ensure that the mounting bracket sticks securely.

Next, use a stud finder to locate a stud in the wall where you want to mount your sconce. Once you've located one, measure how far away it is from where you want your light to be mounted. Then, use a level to make sure your wall sconce is mounted straight and secure. Finally, plug in your wall sconce using an extension cord if necessary and turn it on!

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Lighting Tips for Modern Wall Sconces

Now that you know what to look for when choosing modern wall sconces, it's time to think about how to make the most of them in your space. While some sconces are designed to be decorative only, others can provide functional lighting in your space. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when deciding where and how to arrange your wall sconces:

• Try installing a pair of sconces on either side of a mirror or artwork. This will help create balance and symmetry and will draw attention to the piece you've chosen.

• Make sure the sconce is not placed too high or too low on the wall, as this can create an awkward angle. You want it to be at eye-level so you can enjoy the beautiful design.

• For task lighting, make sure the light from your sconce is not too harsh – it should be diffused so as not to strain your eyes.

• And finally, for ambient lighting, place your sconces low on the wall near a piece of furniture or an area where people gather for conversation. This will make for a cozy atmosphere!

23 of the Best Modern Wall Sconces on the Market

If you want to start shopping for modern wall sconces, you can find a huge range of great options online. To help make your decision easier, we've rounded up some of the best modern wall sconces on the market. From contemporary designs to industrial style fixtures, there's something available to fit any taste and budget.

Take a look at a few of our favorites, like the sleek and subtle Daisy Chandelier Sconce from Possini Euro Design. This beautiful piece is perfect for adding a touch of glamor to your space. Or go for something more industrial with the Arne Wall Sconce from Sonneman Lighting. With its adjustable arm, this fixture is perfect for brightening up dark corners and adding an industrial style edge to your space.

The possibilities are truly endless!

Bottom Line

When it comes to lighting up your home, nothing does the job quite like a wall sconce. Wall sconces can provide a beautiful source of light while also making a statement in your room. And thanks to the wide variety of designs and styles available today, it's easy to find the perfect wall sconces for your home.

So if you're looking for a great way to light up your home and make a statement at the same time, be sure to check out the wall sconces on this list. You're sure to find the perfect sconces for your home!